R2 was modeled in Maya and partially in Rhino. It is comprised of both polygons and NURBS surfaces.
Click to view an animation test! The camera move is simulated - part of the animation in Maya. But for the audio, I filmed a short bit of the parking garage in my building, while adjusting my grip on the camera slightly for some realism. I then brought that audio into Pro Tools and added some R2 sound effects, which I blended with reverb to match the natural ambience of the garage.
Quicktime Version
Creating the blue automotive paint shader was easily the most complex aspect of the texturing, since replicating the "flash" in the paint as it angles away from camera, and the distinctive pattern of metallic flakes in the basecoat are crucial to getting the look right.
All images rendered with mental ray.
A Hallowe'en wallpaper.
The milkplex backlit indicators on front and back were especially difficult, since I wanted them to behave accurately without having to render a lot of layers and do it the composite - that never quite looks right to my eye.
A wallpaper image to celebrate Independence Day.